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New Subaru SUVs and Cars Specials in Fort Lauderdale, FL

Customers from all around North Fort Lauderdale and outside areas of Fort Lauderdale, Pompano Beach, and Miami are invited to explore our monthly Subaru specials. With North Fort Lauderdale's vast selection of your favorite popular Subaru models, we know the Subaru vehicle of your dreams is waiting for you right near Fort Lauderdale. Whether you're interested in leasing the Subaru Crosstrek, the Subaru Forester, the ever-popular Subaru Outback or the Subaru Ascent, North Fort Lauderdale Subaru has the car you deserve. Visit our Subaru dealership today near Fort Lauderdale and Miami or give us a call to answer your questions on all things Subaru.

New Subaru Lease Specials FAQs

How Do New Car Leases Work?

Car leasing is like renting a new car for a set period. The driver will agree to a set monthly payment, a lease time frame, and any warranties, fees, and limits that the lease agreement has in place. Once the lease is signed, the driver will drive away in a brand-new Subaru to enjoy their ad.

Can You Negotiate A Lease Buyout From The Dealership?

Are you nearing the end of your car lease? If so, there is an excellent option available that can help make owning the vehicle more affordable. Lease buyout agreements allow drivers to purchase their leased cars at discounted prices - and yes, these offers can be negotiated!

Before taking advantage of this opportunity however, it's important to ensure that such a deal fits into your budget comfortably.

What Are The Major Differences Between A New Car Lease And Loan?

Curious about the difference between leasing and financing a car? Leasing is ideal for those looking to secure their dream ride with low upfront costs, lower payments, plus the bonus of keeping your new vehicle under warranty.

Loans are more of an investment since they commit you in the long run, but offer higher spending power than leases. Ultimately, it comes down to weighing up which route best suits yours goals and needs!

What Should I Know Before Buying Out My Lease?

Five things to consider before buying out your lease:

1) Whether you'll have to pay off excess mileage charges.

2) Whether you are responsible for excess wear-and-tear charges.

3) Whether you can set-up financing and afford the monthly payments.

4) The mechanical record of the car.

5) The amount the car is worth in its current condition.

What Happens At The End Of My Lease?

Make the most out of your lease and start fresh! Get ready for a new ride with Subaru - you can either purchase or return it at its end. Before doing so, make sure to have your vehicle inspected and pay off any unpaid dues such as excess use charges. Visit us here in North Fort Lauderdale where our financing department is happy to answer all of your questions related to leasing a new Subaru vehicle and will help guide you through making this next chapter yours!